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Face Masks

Clay Masks

Clay is a natural cleansing mineral. The type of clay used in the masks will make a difference in your skin, from unclogging pores, improve skin texture, neutralize skin damage, gently cleanse, support skin barrier, absorb excess oil and improved the skin tone.

  • Brightening Clay Mask
    Active Ingredient: Red Clay

  • Detox Clay Mask
    Active Ingredient: Kaolin Clay

  • Healing Clay Mask
    Active Ingredient: Kismet Clay

  • Exfoliating Clay Mask
    Active Ingredient: White Clay


Gel Masks

Gel facial masks helps all skin types soothe and cool. These gel masks are beneficial for skin that look for hydration, refreshing, firmness and tightness. Lightweight and very easy and quick absorption helps hydrating and penetrate the skin deeper.


Gel masks play a huge role in improving dehydrated skin, oily skin or skin in recovery from damage. Making them suitable and safe for most skin types.

  • Even Skin Tone
    Improves skin tone and lightens up dark spots

  • Better Hydration
    Reduce puffiness and hydrate the skin to improve overall appearance

  • Unclogged Pores
    Unclogs skin pores, reducing oily skin and excess dirt and impurities

Sheet Masks

Sheet Masks originate from Japan and were part of the skin care routine. These masks are easy to use and incredibly effective.

There are different materials for the sheet masks such as cotton, microfiber, rayon, bio-cellulose, charcoal and many more. We can use any specific material for your sheet masks. These masks can have diverse benefits, depending on your active ingredients to infuse the skin with moisture and important nutrients.

Gel masks play a huge role in improving dehydrated skin, oily skin or skin in recovery from damage. Making them suitable and safe for most skin types.

  • Intensely Hydrating

  • Instant and Long-Lasting Results

  • Convenient and Easy to Use


Hydrogel Masks

Hydrogel delivers results in a short period of time, creating the perfect environment for collagen and cell rejuvenation.

Hydrogel Masks are know for boosting the skin hydration levels and are proven to repair the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and imperfections.

These masks can adjust to your skin needs providing glow, brightness, moisture, and anti-aging properties.

This technology can be applied to different areas of the face such as:

  • Face Masks, T-Zone

  • Under-Eye Masks

  • Lip Masks

Exfoliating Masks

Exfoliating face masks offer similar benefits of a face scrub but without the abrasiveness that comes with it. These masks use Glycolic Acid (AHA), salicylic acid (BHA) and lactic acid. It can be in the form of a chemical peel or fine ground particles.

These active ingredients are a form of chemical exfoliation, leaving the skin brighter, smoother and even-toned. These masks are formulated to remove dead skin cells and enhance skin’s natural turnover process.

  • Glycolic Acid (AHA)
    Alpha hydroxy acid, used for anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, dryness and acne.

  • Salicylic Acid (BHA)
    Beta hydroxy acid, used for deep cleaning of excess oil, exfoliating dead skin and its anti-inflammatory properties.


Let Organic Filling Solutions help with your face mask fulfillment needs.

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